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Squamous Cell Carcinoma        

100 ml Blend. Dose 10 drops twice per day in water: $60

Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) is becoming much more common in companion dogs nowadays and it is catching up rapidly with the incidence in both humans and horses in my experience.

A generalised breakdown of metabolic and immune systems and the bodily pocesses involved in cell health maintenance, obviously underlies the development of all cancers in general terms.

Dogs livers are called upon to digest far too much chemically polluted and processed food since the advent of commercial dog feed in the 1950's. Also, their eating patterns have been subverted by over feeding so as to deny the long periods of fasting which they experienced in nature and which allowed their metabolism to clear toxins from their systems. the domesticated dog is almost never allowed to bury and allow to ripen a meaty bone and many never even have any raw meat.

Squamous Cell Cancer could therefore be seen as an end result of a systemic and prolonged assult on blood and the immune sytem in general which may never have appeared without late 20th century domestication practices.

I prepare a specific SCC Support mixture of concentrated extracts of: Bladderack, Comfrey, Rue, Hypericum, Nettle, Rosehips and Violet Leaves along with appropriate Bach Flower Remedies.

This mix is given in conjunction with my Super Antioxidant which is derived from the Maritime Pine and together they have the potential to slow down and reverse the development of SCC and bringing it into remission.

This Cancer Support mix can be used in conjunction with other alternative medicines also, or with orthodox medical treatments including radio and chemo therapy.

The important distinction between my herbal treatment and orthodox medicine is that here I am aiming to reverse the underlying processes which allowed the cancer to develop in the first place. This is distinct from the aim of removing, or otherwise destroying cancerous cells directly once the process of cancer has begun.

I expect positive results in slowing the rate of growth and changing the appearance of any SCC within the first four weeks of having your dog on this program and ask that you keep in touch with regular reports once you start on it.

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